ICP lead training deadline

The Department would like to thank all Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) leads in each residential aged care facility who are working hard to complete their coursework and assessments.

The Department has received feedback that some IPC leads may be having difficulty to complete their studies by 28 February 2021.

We would like to advise providers and IPC leads that:

It is the responsibility of providers to support IPC leads in completing their studies. If an IPC lead is unable to complete the assessment by the due date, providers should continue to provide ongoing support to ensure it is completed as soon as possible, including providing study leave and other support to prioritise the learning and skill development for the IPC lead.

Where an IPC lead has been enrolled in the course late, providers are to ensure support is provided to the IPC lead to complete their training as soon as possible. IPC leads should discuss with their employer about what support they require and when they can complete the training by.

In assessing a provider’s performance against the Aged Care Quality Standards, the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission (ACQSC) will take a proportionate approach where providers can demonstrate they have made every effort to comply with the requirements, including completion of the specialist training by their IPC lead.

For further information on IPC leads visit the department’s website.

Department of Health