How Aged Care & Elderly Friendly is Camberwell, Victoria 3124

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Camberwell is very retiree, aged care, aged carer and elder friendly.

For a start, Camberwell is very well-serviced by public transport. In fact Camberwell provides access to no less than 3 rail lines. Add to that access to a further 3 tram routes. Then, add access to another 3 bus services operating throughout the suburb! Together, they provide some of the best public access options anywhere in Australia. In fact, this makes Camberwell Junction a crossroads for the region. That’s because Camberwell’s central location provides easy access to other major shopping centres. These include Chadstone Shopping Centres such as the World Famous Chadstone Shopping Centre. Plus, for a more Asian flavour, Box Hill Central is also within easy reach by train, tram and bus.

Also, Camberwell is extremely well serviced for medical services. This is particularly the case for private service providers. For those wanting access to Public Hospitals, Box Hill Hospital provides the nearest access to Eastern Health, one of Melbourne’s largest metropolitan public health services. Box Hill Hospital provides everything from emergency services, medical and general health-care services, residential care and more. It also provides broader access to statewide specialist services and community health services to Melbourne’s diverse eastern community.

Camberwell is also home to over 400 shops and restaurants. In fact you can find everything from major retailers like Target and Aldi through to boutiques. Also, the area is well known for it’s covered, 85 year old Fresh Food Market which open most days. Better still, Camberwell features a famous Sunday Market packed full of food and traders of all sorts. It’s an absolute ‘must see’ for every Melbournian.

The result of all this is that area residents can easily expand their social and medical horizons. In fact, they have virtually every need catered to locally. Better still, they enjoy a choice of providers eager to provide them services, both locally and nearby. Camberwell is centrally located for access to Melbourne city, bayside beaches, Mornington, the Dandenong Ranges and more. Importantly, the area features lots of parks and green areas. Pet lovers will benefit from the area’s tendency to accommodate pets in shops and restaurants too.

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Camberwell Gardens is a beautifully appointed residential facility that is in the highly sought after location of Camberwell, within easy commute of Hawthorn, Hartwell, Burwood, Canterbury, Surrey Hills and Glen Iris. In fact we offer 75 ageing in place residential aged care places.

Furthermore, our new facility features bright open living spaces and garden areas. Also, we can accommodate the 75 residents in a relaxed and comfortable lifestyle. That’s because we are situated on a quiet, tree lined street. Rest assured Camberwell Gardens will provide a haven for those ready to make the move to a carefree way of life. But don’t just take our word for it, come and see for yourself! We look forward to welcoming you. Select one of the images below to learn more.

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